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What to look for in a criminal lawyer in Lexington ky for your defense

Finding a private criminal defense lawyer in Lexington ky you can trust in both personality and skills might be a colossal task for any person looking for one. Even so, it’s not impossible, but it’s important to know all the elements that will make a criminal lawyer the right fit for you and your needs. There are different types of attorneys, which means that maybe, the person who handled your will, helped you buy a house, or helped you with a car accident, might not be the best option to treat criminal matters.
Having this in mind, here are some factors you should consider when looking for the right criminal defense lawyer in Lexington ky, who can practice on their own or in partnerships:

Local reputation and advantage

Hiring an attorney in Lexington ky with experience in the courthouse is vital, but procedures vary from state to state, which means that the person you’re hiring needs to know the policies of the state and county you’re in. Local attorneys have a better grip on the performance of local police officers and how they act in court before juries. Defendants need to look for attorneys in Lexington with experience in local procedures and personnel.

Experience in crimes charged

Yes, local reputation is important, but it might not be enough, as it’s highly necessary to find an attorney who has represented other defendants charged with the same or similar offenses. Nowadays, law is more complex than it was years ago, so specialized lawyers in in Lexington ky are most needed when it comes to particular types of offenses—drunk driving, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, etc.— the defendant should always find a lawyer with a unique experience background with whom they can specifically discuss the case and possible solutions.

The team behind the lawyer

Being a professional in the area of criminal cases is not a one-person job, which is why it’s important to meet the team behind a great criminal lawyer in Lexington ky. No matter how good the defense lawyer is, help will be essential. Research on the type of team that they are, whether they’re paralegals or and administrative team. Knowing the team behind a criminal lawyer’s name will be good for you, because if the main player gets sick, then you will instantly have someone else that can back you up.

The personal factor

There are lawyers in Lexington ky that have the perfect level of experience and professionalism and are popular among their community. Maybe you’ll think that you manage to get someone like this then you’ll be all set, against all odds, but the truth is, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to this person then he or she will be of no use. The best attorney-client relationships are those where the client is a full partner with an expert in the decision-making process. Try to hire a lawyer who can see you as a partner, and not only as another case file.


Always ask friends or associates for recommendations for a good criminal lawyer in Lexington ky. Talk to previous clients and get as many references as you can. Other lawyers in Lexington ky can also tell you if someone is good enough for the job or if they’re not to be trusted. Never underestimate the power of references.

Stay alert

Yes, you may find a person that claims to be confident that they will do everything in their hands to build the strongest case possible. An air of confidence shouldn’t be a decisive element to choose your criminal lawyer, as in many cases, they can turn out to be a waste of time that can make you lose your case. You have to maintain a skeptical mentality to guarantee the specific results you want.

Take your time

Criminal charges are a worrying panorama and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take your time, choose carefully, and get the best outcome you can. Effort and time are basic elements to select the right lawyer. Don’t believe in people that are promising you the Earth, but also don't discard all people you encounter, at the end you’ll to follow your gut, but make sure you do it once you’ve attempted to understand all the above elements.


Civil attorneys usually represent companies that do business all over the country or at an international level, while criminal defense lawyers represent individuals with problems that are at a local reach.

Cooley Iuliano Robey is a locally owned and operated law firm based in Lexington, Kentucky. The law firm is built on a simple idea – focus on clients and achieve their desired results. This idea sets the company apart from other law firms. Clients are not just another file number with an expected revenue stream. At Cooley Iuliano Robey, they get to know their clients and their goals. The company works together with its clients toward reaching those goals.
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What to look for in a criminal lawyer in Lexington ky for your defense

Finding a private criminal defense lawyer in Lexington ky you can trust in both personality and skills might be a colossal task for any per...